Privacy Policy

Personal information

User’s personal information includes: first name, last name, e-mail address, institution and GPS location given as geographical coordinates of the place wherea particular taxon has bean recorded.

By selecting the default data license the user can chose what to share with others. Biologer supports open software and open, scientifically verifiable data and we do not recommend users to use closed licenses. Good scientific practice must ensure that the all records from the field can be verifiable, thus for each observation Biologer shows who (name, surname and institution), where (geographic coordinates or UTM square) and when (date) certain taxa has bean recorded. To ensure verifiability, users are required to correctly enter personal information, while providing false information can lead to deletion of the user account. If you would like to restrict access of your personal data for people outside of the editorial board (administrators and taxonomic experts for a particular group), you can choose the closed license.

Biologer is committed to maintaining your privacy and will not distribute or sell personal information to third parties, except with the permission of the user. Biologer reserves the right to use these data in case of violations and illegal use of the site by users.

Biologer may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data about its users obtained during the website usage. This information can be used for displaying user activity statistics, and for improving and customizing the website and its content. In this case, contact information of the user will not be displayed.

Collected personal information can be accessed by developers and administrators of the Biologer web site, state authorities and persons who engage in processing the information on our behalf for the purposes specified in this policy.

If you have any questions about Biologer web site or Android app, you can contact the administrators at


Biologer uses cookies to facilitate the monitoring of user activity. Certain settings are stored as cookies in order to facilitate the use of website after the first login (eg. whether the user is already logged in). Cookies do not impair your safety and are used only for easier and safer use of the website.